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2023-04-10 16:04

My 2TB m2 SSD is full.


But the show must go on! So the server is down for a planned downtime of multiple days. Where I will be cleaning the world files to reduce disk usage but keep all user bases, inventories and similar things players do care about.
2021-02-02 01:02

The hoster told me 200 gigabyte is too much and deleted the world.


Before buying the server I asked about disk limits and they said there were none.
I was skeptic but I did not assume to end the journey at 200GB.

Anyways the show must go on! So I bought a 2TB m2 SSD and slapped it into my professional home server (my gaming laptop lol).

Seems like anarchy lgl survived the first big crisis and is up and running again.
No data was lost since the latest world version was still on my local drives.
2021-01-21 18:01

Since 2020-11-16 the server was running temporarily on my laptop.
Sadly the ~290 gigabyte big world filled my drive completley. Since the issue was not detected right away the server run in this unstable state for a while. I hope it did not cause to big harm and did not corrupt any important files.

Anyways the server is now moving back to the cloud provider which causes some downtime.
2020-11-24 08:11

Nether and end backups are successfully restored. The server is up and running.
2020-11-23 19:33

I sadly have to admit we have our first data loss.
Nether and end are being reset to the state of 2020-11-16 11:11.
Expected downtime due to restore is at least 12 hours
2020-11-16 11:11

World backup in progress expected downtime multiple days.
2020-06-18 18:06

Server moved to main hardware in datacenter again and backup is done.
2020-06-10 11:06

Server is online again! Currently running on stronger local hardware.
So the ping might be slightly higher but the TPS should be better.
2020-06-09 18:06

Expected downtime in the next few hours.
A world backup and hardware switch is planned.
2020-05-23 16:05

The paper spigot plan is canceld for now.
Lasergurkenland will stay vanilla.
The world backup and downtime is also cancled but will happen at some point.
2020-05-20 11:05

There is some expected downtime in the next few days.
A world backup and switch to paper spigot is planned.
The server could stay down for multiple hours.